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Mobile Optimisation

In this day and age you can’t afford for your website not to be accesible on mobile devices.

Recent statistics have shown that 70% of companies have yet to launch a mobile optimised version of their website, considering that 59% of UK consumers have a mobile device and 19% of those have shopped online using their mobile browser you and your company could be missing out on alot of revenue.

Mobile customers should not be ignored when thinking about creating a new website or updating your current one.

Think about it, how many times have you tried to shop online on your mobile and had to scroll around large pages to find items to purchase, often not bothering to place an order or enquire about a companies services just because certain parts of their websites won’t work on your mobile device?

At Joeyb Design we never want you to miss an opertunity, be that a new subscriber to your blog or a new customer buying your products.

We believe mobile optimisation is extremely important, the number of mobile users is growing rapidly every day.

So don’t delay and miss out on potential customers get in touch with us today to talk through the mobile optimisation options for your website.