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Uploading a WordPress plugin to the WordPress svn [Windows]

So, you’ve just created a WordPress plugin and had it approved, great news, this guide will help you with uploading a wordpress plugin to WordPress svn. However looking at the wordpress guide here on how to upload your plugin to the SVN can be very confusing, especially if you’re not very comfortable with the command line way of doing it or if you’ve never worked with svn before. I’ve created …Read More

Displaying a Single WordPress Page

Find out about displaying a single wordpress page in any of your wordpress themes. I was quite amazed today when I was trying to show a single page of my wordpress website however I couldnt figure out the code. Surprisingly there were not many posts which explained how go about displaying a single wordpress page, so I figure I should share it with anyone else wanting to know how to …Read More

Callback Request WordPress Plugin

Whilst working on a few things on my website the other day i decided it would be a nice feature to add a callback form to my website so users can simply enter a name, phone number and time they would like a call back and i could get in touch with them to call them back.