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Displaying a Single WordPress Page

Find out about displaying a single wordpress page in any of your wordpress themes. I was quite amazed today when I was trying to show a single page of my wordpress website however I couldnt figure out the code. Surprisingly there were not many posts which explained how go about displaying a single wordpress page, so I figure I should share it with anyone else wanting to know how to …Read More

Callback Request WordPress Plugin

Whilst working on a few things on my website the other day i decided it would be a nice feature to add a callback form to my website so users can simply enter a name, phone number and time they would like a call back and i could get in touch with them to call them back.

Querying Multiple Tables in Multiple Databases MSSQL

Recently i had the task of querying multiple tables in multiple databases in Microsoft SQL Server. I thought i’d share it online for anyone else who may be looking at or struggling doing the same thing. Once you see the code it makes sense and is fairly straight forward but i will comment the code so you can see what does what etc. Lets say you have a database containing …Read More

Turning off Raspberry Pi Underscan/Overscan

Reuben at hiresit.co.uk worked out a great way of turning off Raspberry Pi Underscan/Overscan on the Debian Release. Bear in mind the newer release of Debian Squeeze no longer needs these settings as its set up in the configuration menu during the installation however these instructions will still work. Read on to see simple instructions on how to disable the under scan/overscan, link to Reubens webpage for the full post …Read More